Gameguru Mania have posted an interview with Ned 'MonsieurEvil' Pyle, Natural Selection's PR manager about the Half-Life multiplayer action-strategy mod:

    GGMania: Can you give us a little background on the development team working on Natural Selection?

    Ned 'MonsieurEvil' Pyle: Our fearless leader is Charlie Cleveland, who designed and coded most of NS while living off of cat food in his crummy apartment. Our lead artist is Cory Strader, who came up with most of the cool player and structure models you see. Phil Mayfield and Alex Boylan handle our animations with speed and aplomb. Max McGuire handles some of the super cool effects coding, while Mike Wislocki and Josh McHugh do our weapons. Our main mappers Kevin Roberts and Jon Chapman sweat out levels and sprite art. Joe Vaughn and Jeff Paris round it out, handling Linux and background writing, respectively. A great crew of guys; some of them are professionals in the gaming and IT industry, some are students and hobbyists. All are terrific, intelligent, likable game developers.