BrokenPixel has posted a rant concerning the state of Massively Multiplayer games. This article is inspired from an interview on PlanetSideGaming with Dave Georgeson, PlanetSide's Producer, which is available here:

    From a development standpoint, I can understand why "completing" a MMO game of any kind is a daunting task. All things considered they are immense in scale and diversity (or at least should be) and require for more attention to detail, which means more time, money and effort. However, if your lacking the resolve to do something properly, does than mean second best is now an acceptable settlement? It's this settlement from a consumer standpoint that I encounter far to often. The willingness to purchase a product that is incomplete (and not at any discount prices either, I might add), and then on top of that be expected to continue to shell out top dollar to basically beta test it.