Action Vault have posted part 2 of their Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol Development Report with developer Khaeon and publisher Playlogic, in which they lay out the chronology of the game's backstory:

    2188 Bombing of the Mars Orbital Elevator; First Interplanetary War.

    2191 Hercules Base is retaken by SolGov marine forces; special brigades from the Adrasami Aerospace Wing (Mars) quell all Earth- and Mars-side rebellion. Imperialist forces (deferentially known as Troglo-Imperialists) forced to sign surrender in Washington, DC.

    2193 Terraforming of Fuchiyama complete: population swells meagerly to three million in the next decades.

    2199 Terraforming of Debuneira starts. A gigantic asteroid ring around the gas giant Tefridis VI is discovered. IBM-Stellaris and Iriake Corp. make plans for the exploitation of the ring.

    2207 Terraforming of Llanfair complete: population swells to 380 million in the next decades. The investment of several mega-corporations ensures that Llanfair's local nanotechnology industry is off to a running start. Several Llanfair-based terraforming companies hungrily cast their eyes at a nearby solar system that could be used for heavy industry and component mining.