Game Banshee have posted an interview with Bethesda's Todd Howard to find out more about Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Pirates of the Caribbean:

    GB: Has the number of player-created modifications for Morrowind surprised you at all, or did you somewhat expect such a large community when you developed the game? Any particular MODs that you feel possess a great deal of quality or stand out as your favorites?

    Todd: The total number, oh yes. I had always hoped it would catch on, and that it would be easy to use plugins. We spent a great deal of time putting together the plugin system. The biggest fan site is closing in on 3 million plugin downloads. That's insane! My favorites? I won't name names, but I really like the ones that do it all. Ones that give you new landscapes, stories, and quests. You can tell the ones that are really crafted, versus the ones that are there to just mess with the game.