Just seen over at VE that they have posted an interview with Rebellion's Jason Kingsley about thier upcoming first person 2000AD shooter, Dredd vs. Death. Heres an interesting question:

    Voodoo Extreme - What can you tell us about the engine and its features you are developing for Dredd Vs. Death?

    Jason Kingsley - We cut new ground with the engine for AvP, and we plan to do the same here. We have a tradition at rebellion of not using other people's engines, and whilst this takes effort, I think all out games have a unique look that separates them out from may of the other games available. It also means that we can for example have true volumetric explosions like we did in AvP, proper lighting in real time, with lights that you can shoot out properly.

    We've solved the problems that others have been having with smoothed surfaces and poly and texture tearing. Expect a hell of a leap forward for the engine. Also we're going for a non-realistic look a sort of graphic novel renderer if you like, not a toon style shader but a darker more sinister style.