RPG Vault have posted part 12 of their ongoing Q&A with the Reflexive Entertainment about Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, their single and multiplayer RPG:

    Jonric: Speaking as a gamer, what are a couple of things that will help differentiate Lionheart and make it stand out from other recent and current RPGs?

    Lars Brubaker

    Producer and Programmer, Reflexive Entertainment

    I think the real hook of Lionheart is the historical references built into the story. Many of the characters and events of the story have a lot of real historical background (as anyone following the game will know). But the depth of it is what I find so exciting. I have on more than one occasion overheard a historical reference on the news or in a book and had a bit of insight into what was being discussed just from having played Lionheart. It's exciting to me that we have been able to achieve just a bit of edutainment while only focusing on the entertainment part.

    Ion Hardie

    Lead Designer and Co-Producer, Reflexive Entertainment

    We actually have quite a few things that will make it stand out in my mind. Our story, as mentioned by others, is quite intriguing, and interesting to delve into and see just what makes our altered Earth tick. The way we handle our spells is another. Just about every spell gets better as you spend skill points, which might not sound different, but the way in which we add spell functionality and enhancements using a dynamic spell description that changes as the spell gets better is definitely way cool...