HIDDEN & DANGEROUS is a 3D action-strategy game, set during the Second World War. The player is able to control a group of Allies' paratroopers in special missions in enemy territories situated throughout Europe. Thanks to the three-dimensional depiction and chosen subject, we succeeded in dynamically combining the elements of 3D action and tactical strategy. The player can control any of four commando members from several 3D views and, at the same time, he can program on a tactical map the tasks for the rest of the team. Numerous new features and ideas give the game an original and absolutely unique atmosphere. The player is drawn right into the action.

The story starts in 1941, and the missions continue to the very end of the war in 1945. The game is divided into six campaigns; each takes place in a different part of Europe. Overall, the game has 23 graphically unique missions, set in France, Norway, Yugoslavia, and even in Prague during the last days of the War. The mission tasks are maximally varied, and the game is filled with unexpected reversals and developments. We tried to avoid the classic cliches so often seen in similar games.


  • Immersive story through 23 diverse missions and 6 campaigns!

  • Play in either 3rd or 1st person views!

  • Overhead map lets you synchronise split second manoeuvres!

  • Unsurpassed AI - carelessness costs lives as enemies hear you, see you and even chase you!

  • Take control of genuine WWII vehicles including a Panzer tank!

  • Different troops to select, each with their own personal traits!

  • Game development assisted by a veteran WWII commander!

  • Player co-operative action over LAN - co-ordinate your strikes!