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Tell Me Why Xbox One

Tell Me Why has 30 achievements worth 500 points
  • Rear View Mirror - 50 Points

    Left Fireweed Residential Center (Secret)Unlocked on 20 Sep 2020
  • One For The Collection - 25 Points

    Found your first Book of Goblins figureNot yet Unlocked
  • Moo'd Changer - 25 Points

    Proved to Tyler that moo boxes are actually funnyNot yet Unlocked
  • Mailbox Bandit - 50 Points

    Found out who the Mailbox Bandit really wasNot yet Unlocked
  • Life Tears Us Apart - 50 Points

    Completed the story with the twin's bond weakenedNot yet Unlocked
  • Lock-Up And Go - 50 Points

    Locked-up and left the Ronan house with Tyler (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Remember Strange Vampire - 50 Points

    Found three classic posters (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Rest In Peace - 50 Points

    Made peace with Mary-Ann at the cemetery (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Twins4life - 50 Points

    Completed the story with the twins strongly bound togetherNot yet Unlocked
  • We Need To Talk - 25 Points

    Took time to talk things over with your twinNot yet Unlocked
  • This Is Despicable - 50 Points

    When we say locked, it's lockedNot yet Unlocked
  • The Princess' Lost Treasure - 50 Points

    Uncovered the princess' lost treasure (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Sharp Shooter - 50 Points

    Won the plushie battleNot yet Unlocked
  • State Your Emergency - 50 Points

    Found a recording of the twins' 911 call (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Kick Me - 25 Points

    Stuck a note on Tyler's backNot yet Unlocked
  • Just One Fix - 50 Points

    Helped Sam fix the engineNot yet Unlocked
  • Chapter One - 100 Points

    Completed Episode One (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Chapter Two - 100 Points

    Completed Episode Two (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Bound To A Lie - 50 Points

    Remembered the night the twins agreed to lie (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Are You My Daddy? - 50 Points

    Learned the truth about Sam's relationship to the twins (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • And Everything In Its Place - 50 Points

    Placed all collectibles in the attic (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Arborglyph - 50 Points

    Corrected the old graffiti on the tree (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Cold Case - 50 Points

    Discovered intel about Mary-Ann's past and her death (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Crafty Goblins - 50 Points

    Solved the puzzle on Mary-Ann's door (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Hacking 101 - 50 Points

    Found the password to unlock the Police Station computerNot yet Unlocked
  • Homecoming - 50 Points

    Entered the Ronan House (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Guess Who? - 50 Points

    Figured out who inspired each Book of Goblin characterNot yet Unlocked
  • Full Confession - 50 Points

    Made Tessa tell everything she knows (Secret)Not yet Unlocked
  • Fish all the Fish - 50 Points

    Caught all the fish with MichaelNot yet Unlocked
  • A New Chapter - 50 Points

    Started writing a new chapter with Alyson (Secret)Not yet Unlocked