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"Avid gamer since 1985, I collect videogames both retro and current, I play on every gaming device I can after all I am a gamer, we all have preferences but it is all about the games! No labels here, labels are for soup cans, so I am neither "Hardcore" or "Casual" I am a gamer and it is a major part of my life both in time spent. I game everyday it is what I do take it or leave it and I play anything if I find it enjoyable and that is how it should be, if you love your hobby and invest a ton of time in it and it means a lot to you then to me you are Harder then Hardcore and not casual don't care if you play on Hard, Normal or Easy whatever is fun to you just game to game! I was going to make a list of all the games I own but as of right now I am just lazy but I will get to it eventually at some point too many to list to be honest. Competition is great and all as long as everyone has a good time. Some of my favorite genre's of games consist of the following but are not limited too...J.R.P.G. R.P.G. Action/Adventure R.T.S. Action F.P.S. Casual/light hearted puzzle games "good for those moments on the bus or waiting for someone or something and fighting the boredom :P""
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