A calm and cute original puzzle game.

Drop blocks of the same kind on top of each other to make a match.
A match transforms the 2 blocks into a single block and increases the number.
So look for the right number and plan your next move.
Clear stages to unlock the next one. Each stage has its own challenge.

- Animal game mode (complete levels)
- 9 levels to complete (+ 9 in the difficult mode)
- Survival Mode (a challenging mode that requires quick thinking)
- 2 Original songs.
- There are no ads or in-app purchases.
- No data collected on gameplay/behaviour tracking.

Play time
Animal game mode: about 20 minutes.
Survival: 2 minutes on avarage.

Accessibility info
- Vision: backgrounds can be turned off and the blocks are numbered.
- Vision: the game can be played without reading. (there are visual and audio cues)
- Vision: no in game flashing/flickering images.
- Hearing: the game can be played without audio.
- Cognitive: simple short language.
- Cognitive: interactive tutorial.