"Yukikoi Melt" is a visual novel about a young man's life in the Winter Country, featuring the characteristically cute art of nanaca mai, the main illustrator for Corona Blossom and the SD artwork in the Grisaia series.
Miharu, a winter hater, and the girls of the Winter Club find their lives intertwined when he moves to snowy Yubane and they attempt to share the joys of the cold season with him.

Being permanently freezing and waiting for spring like a hibernating grizzly bear are two of Miharu Okazaki's favorite activities.
His way of life is turned upside down when he moves to snowy Yubane and the temperature falls below zero.
All he wants is to hide under a warm blanket, but the girls of the Winter Club have other things in mind for him...

Current club roster:
Taruhi Himeguri, an undercover winter hater.
Kanon Reppuji, resident troublemaker.
Shizuri Unazuki, the mother hen.
Yuki Tsukumo, a self-professed child of winter.

The girls manage to convince Miharu to join the Winter Club, inviting him to live in their luxurious hot spring inn high in the mountains. ...But Miharu's heart is frozen.
At first it seems like the Winter Club is all about enjoying the season through snowball fights and making snow sculptures, but soon Miharu notices there's a deeper meaning behind the fun.

After spending a month helping the girls contribute to the Yubane community, Miharu grows closer to the mysterious Taruhi. Can she melt his heart?