This is a very simple independent game, no movie-level game art, no complex game system, no cool skills.
This is also a very difficult puzzle solving game, always testing your logical thinking ability.

This game, with more than 200 puzzles of logical thinking, can repeatedly experience the fun of game clearance.
This game, the illustration style is strange, because I am lack of money, so I only can draw by myself.
This game, you can rely on your extraordinary IQ to challenge alone.
This game, you can also interact with your children and cultivate their logic ability.
This game, you can challenge the vedio game streamer and compete with the speed of game clearance.
This game, without dialogue and subtitles, you don't have to worry about language causing trouble at all.
This game, only one function, is to constantly choose your correct answer.
This game, is only used to prove that you are the best!

Ancient Egyptian History
Menes: Menes was the founding king of the first dynasty in Ancient Egypt. He unified Egypt, opened the era of pharaoh rule, and established a kingdom with long-term and brilliant influence in the history of human civilization. In about 3100 BC, he conquered lower Egypt and initially unified the whole of Egypt into one country,created the first dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Khepesh: The most unbreakable weapon in ancient times, loved by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, so it was also called “the Pharaoh's Sword”.

Ra, the Sun God: There are many gods in Ancient Egyptian mythology, and the top god of the gods, is the Sun God,Ra. According to legend, Ra is an eagle-headed person,with a snake wrapped around a solar plate overhead.During the day, Ra sailed on the sun-boat "Mandjet" in the sky,and sailed on another sun-boat "Mesektet" in the underworld at night, constantly bringing light, warmth and growth to Ancient Egypt.