X²: The Return has been cancelled.

The war with the Khaak has taken it's toll on the X-Universe, with new weapons, ships and stations, now is the time to fight back and learn new skills as you take part in a new, deep plot line to uncover some of the secrets of the universe.

In 2005, you will return to the X-Universe.

X²: The Return enhances the already extensive universe with additional missions, weapons systems and space sectors. A complete new storyline adds further tension. Newcomers will enjoy the additions to the already graphically impressive, almost living X²-Universe, while veterans can expect new construction options and an improved physics model.

Player HQ

Introducing the new station type that people have been speculating about. This brand new, fantastic looking station, that will be in X²: The Return is the brand new Player owned Headquarters.

The station will have many new features included to allow the station to act as a functioning Player HQ, we do not want to release everything about this new feature, so most of it will remain a surprise.

Station Hubs

The giant stations that have been seen in some screenshots are Station Complexes. These are just normal stations that you can connect to each other using tunnel like modules to reduce the transportation issue that you get with slow freighters.

New Weapons

There are also several new weapons that you can use to equip your ship, The Yaki disruptor is quite a devastating new weapon. Yaki, (a group of extremely deadly pirates) use this weapon to disrupt ship engines. There will be an anti missile defence, a new very fast firing and deadly weapon and more.