World War II: Battle of Britain is a new computer game simulation about the most intense air battle the world has ever seen during the defense of England against the mighty Nazi Blitzkrieg air armada. At the beginning of World War II, the Axis tried to conquer England from the air in 1940 during the massive Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain is based on the award winning graphics system (from the WarBirds III developers) and incorporates new graphic technology, new strategic battles systems, new terrain maps, new weapons, new training and operational missions, a role new playing reward system with rank and medal awards, all wrapped in a brand new easy to use player interface.

The game allows the player to immerse himself into the history, the conflict, the challenges, the excitement, and the strategy and tactics that made the Battle of Britain, the greatest air conflict the world has ever seen!


  • Great Graphics, cool explosions, authentic sounds, exciting combat, and massive aerial bombardment.

  • Over 30 single player training, instant action, and campaign missions to get the player ready for the defense of the English isle. An in-game Mission builder so the player can make his own missions to fly and share with others.

  • Play either side in these campaigns-Axis or Allied.

  • Brand new easy to use player interface.

  • Terrain topography maps derived from actual satellite technology terrain maps of the English Channel including England, France, the white cliffs of Dover, and Dunkirk.

  • A wide array of weapons including over 40 aircraft with real flight dynamics, actual weapons load and weapons physics, and the best flight models of any computer game simulations, tanks and ground vehicles, ships including merchant ships and destroyers, and many of the important artillery pieces of the period.

  • New role-playing reward system that enables the player to grow in rank and awards (medals) as they successfully participate in the missions in the simulation.

  • Participate in recreations of actual historical World War II battles with hundreds of players from around the world over the Internet in the Award Winning Massively Multiplayer Simulation, WarBirds III.