So here it is, the 2011 offering in the franchise. Once again we can imagine ourselves in the boots and spandex of the over the top superstars of the WWE. We've had many incarnations of this game over the years, and each one gets tweaked in some ways, some small, some major to improve on the series. So has this latest offering done it's job? Every SD vs Raw game has it's highs and lows and this time I am happy to say the highs beat the lows. It's not perfect however but I'll address that later. First up the graphics have been tweaked again, sweat now glistens on the athlete's body, chests turn red after knife edge chops are delivered and the physics have been tweaked as well. Now a fall from a ladder isn't a stiff bodied affair and although not rag doll style, the impacts can induce a wince from me as I see 'em hit the deck or miss the top ropes and land on the floor outside the ring. Pain with a capital 'P' buddy! I am also happy to say no longer do hands and limbs appear through the body of your opponent, grapples at last look authentic and the grimacing on their faces when a strong submission hold is locked in is really authentic. Movement is fluid, although running attacks don't always connect for reasons I'll detail later. The roster is also huge and you can create stars too your hearts content or download players creations as well as story lines for the game. Online play is smoother than last year with lag reduced considerably although not eliminated completely. Career mode is now presented as a series of single or co-operative matches over the three shows and the PPV events. However where this shines is the Road To Wrestlemania mode, Pick one of 5 story lines and you can take a star through his career, massing XP points and improving skills as you go. This brings an RPG element that's always been there but it's back bigger this time. What a shame though that the free roaming backstage, picking fights and making friends/enemies is restricted too Road to Mania. What we cry out for is the open season careers that were present in earlier games like War Zone, Raw 2 and Attitude. Maybe next time? OK cons, targeting can be an issue, and sometimes you find yourself grabbing the ref not your opponent. Running attacks can miss by a mile thanks too the targeting which can be set in the options but its still hit and miss so watch it. Road to Mania whilst fun, still has a restricted length too the time it goes. But you can replay it with a guy that's been through it but there is no variation in the story so you have to go through events again which is a shame. You know what's coming but rather like the TV show these days you know there's no variety or variation in the plot. Pity. You can create story lines for yourselves but these cannot be used in Road to Mania mode and again, only run for so long. Shame, more freedom would have been nice. Oh unlockable wrestlers come via the normal play mode with stars like Mickie James (odd as she has just gone too a rival company) and Mike Knoxx (Cheer! Err maybe not) Road to Wrestlemania unlocks new costumes and PPV venues are unlocked either through download or through normal game mode. On the whole this is an improvement over 2010 and that wasn't bad but the series still lacks a little, the variety of earlier titles like Here Comes the Pain. But it's a solid wrestling game and probably rules the roost as it has little or no competition at the moment, but rumours abound that TNA Impact 2 IS coming as is a possible third Rumble Roses. So if you are a fan of the WWE take some comfort that the standard of the game here is better than the TV product. (Thank heavens for that!) A great game with minor flaws but a good, solid, fun game none the less.