Welcome to Woven Welcome to a world where woollen creatures once lived in peace. Stuffy is a well-meaning but rather clumsy stuffed animal that wanders the world alone. Glitch is a metal firefly that has lost its memory and identity. Was Stuffy left behind? Where did all these machines suddenly come from? And what does Glitch have to do with any of this? Join them on their journey through a world of wool, fabric and hidden dangers. Gameplay The world of Woven is filled with obstacles and challenges.You will have to find blueprints to modify Stuffy's shape and abilities. Elephant legs may be strong, but rabbit legs can jump. For every situation there is something that fits. Keep an eye out for hidden paths while you explore the world. Find secrets that reveal the forgotten history of the world. Features Your Stuffy, your style. Customize Stuffy, with different body parts and fabrics. A fully voiced narrated story. Over a hundred different hidden fabrics to discover. Mix and match, a selection of different animal blueprints each with their own skillset. Experience a fully handcrafted world. Multiple worlds, each with their own unique ambience, soundtrack and story. An epic adventure, told through rhyme. And much more.