This title boasts several new features that are all-new to the series; an especially exciting new gamestyle being the multi-player focused Tactics Mode.

In Tactics Mode, the player takes control of their very own Secret Island Base made up of many different islands, each island imparting a tactical advantage for the player to use at the beginning of a Worms game. For example, the player could recon a battlefield before the war commences, or snipe an enemy worm to gain the upper hand; each one of the 16 islands available in game can be used to compliment the player's individual play style. Take the fight online and, should you be victorious, you will have the opportunity to steal an item from your opponent's island for your own personal use!

Another first in the world of 2D Worms is a comprehensive weapons editor. Create your ideal Worms weapon, tweak and tune via with a multitude of adjustable elements and then take it to the battlefield to lay waste to the opposition! Melee weapons, grenades, missile weapons and airstrikes are all available to create, meaning that each Worms player has the opportunity to field an entirely individual armoury in every match.


  • All new multi-player Tactics Mode, coupled with the player's secret island base feature.

  • New player ranking system awards the player with experience points; higher ranked players gain access to more of the game's locked items.

  • The utilities 'Flare' and 'E.M.P. Grenade' appear only in Worms™: Battle Islands.

  • Only 2D version of Worms™ to feature the ability to design and create Custom Weapons.

  • Brand new in-game environments not previously featured in a Worms™ title.

  • Appearance of a player's team is customisable to a higher degree than any other 2D Worms™ game, with new items including masks, backpacks and customisable power-bars.

  • Fresh presentation theme with all menus seemingly taking place within the player's secret island base, and all operations handled by the player's own four-worm strong team of staff.

  • PSP exclusive - an exclusive 'Time Attack' mode, comprised of ten individual time-based single-player challenges.