• A varied and interesting script for background detail and mission briefings. Debriefings are also awarded to the player upon the successful completion of a mission.
  • 6 cut scenes using real WWII archive footage, including rare color footage, which provide an informative and historical update between sub campaigns.
  • Professionally orchestrated audio scores: authentic, positional sound effects and professional voice actor recordings.
  • Intelligent and adaptive AI system that reacts to your strategy as you play, counterattacking, finding and firing from cover, utilizing captured artillery guns and deploying infantry within buildings wherever possible. The AI will retreat when necessary to rearm or heal their forces as you play.
  • Features a "Hearing" system whereby enemy units that are within range but not in Line Of Sight can be detected if they are heard by the player's units.
  • An advanced "Morale" system that is comprehensive but insightful in nature; battlefield troops report back differently depending on their morale level. The morale system also influences the style and actions of the units in play; "Heroic" actions can be performed when morale is high, for example.
  • 25 Single Player missions that can be played either as a 12-mission "Recruit" campaign or a 20-mission, non-linear "Veteran" campaign whereby your actions influence what occurs in forthcoming missions. You will travel from the west coast of Europe in 1944 right through to Hitler's Eagles Nest at Berchtesgarden high within the Bavarian Alps in 1945.
  • Multiplayer support is included for up to 4 players via LAN and the Internet using GameSpy, and offering a variety of game styles. There are 10 specific multiplayer maps and the 25 single player maps can be played upon making 35 in total. Players can create custom armies from either Allied or Axis sides in multiplayer mode.
  • 23 real-life, command able WWII units per side, featuring historically accurate hardware, with a maximum 200 units per map.