From opening bet to show-down World championship Poker 2 puts you at the high stakes table, bluffing and trying to steal the pot.

Like you're right across the table from some of the world's top poker-playing personalities you will need nerves of steel and a stone-cold poker face to make your fortune. Put your stamina and resolve to the ultimate test with World Championship Poker 2.

Come face to face with the legends... Keep your calm and gamble like a pro; make your fortune and become a legend yourself.

World Championship Poker 2 - The definitive Poker Experience


  • More poker - 14 different varieties of poker.

  • More Stars - Play with the pros- In-game character likenesses, play styles and iconic signature personality traits of eight of the world's best professional poker players, including Howard Lederer, Annie Duke and many more

  • More attitude - AI opponents with dynamic personalities, player controllable taunts, bluffs and tells.

  • More Gameplay - Active tell and bluff system, RPG-like upgradeable skill system and character outfitting

  • Broader audience appeal- With the choice of "Real Deal" simulation or "Power Play" arcade modes, WCP2 appeals to experience poker players as well as casual console gamers