Battle against friends and foes in all-out wizard warfare. Use the elements to crush your opponents, over 100 spells to choose from in nine different spellbooks. Whether it's summoning the undead, freezing your opponents, or blasting away with fireballs, you can customize the way you want to play. Become the wizard you want, whether by summoning creatures to do your bidding, or casting spells to become a master of destruction. Tactically crush your opponents in a one-on-one setting, or team up with your friends in ranked to become the ultimate strategy master. With a massive range of possibilities, no two games are the same.

Ranked Play

Think you're the best wizard in town? Prove it in Ranked. Ranked offers a greater challenge for players willing to commit. Current modes include 1v1's and 2v2's. Customize your character and discover advanced tactics to climb the leaderboards and become the world's best wizard. The top five wizards in any season will join the next seasons "Council of Archmages". These 5 top players will be displayed for everyone to see and also receive a special apparel item.

Weekly Rotating Gamemode

Every week there is a new random game mode. Throw a party with up to 10 friends. Explore the endless possibilities as you encounter firework battles, random spells, and more! Who knows what will happen next?!