• Gorgeous and attractive graphics with massive use of special effects such as lens flare, smoke trails, wave effects for explosions and more. Really good looking!
  • Dynamic sound according to the in game situation and 3D sound fx! You've got to try Star Giants with headphones to learn how good it sounds!
  • Involving story with multiple paths. It changes according to the in game progression. This means more longevity for the game as the user will return to see how the story changes as they improve!
  • Complex ai routines assure the maximum challenge for the user, requiring him to learn step by step how to control his ship in order to destroy his enemy.
  • Multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can join the action with different modes of play: all vs all, team game and cooperative game modes.
  • No similar games have been announced, this would be the first of its genre on the GBA and it will surely be a hit thanks to its gorgeous realization, attention to detail, graphics and playability. The press and gamers will be enthusiastic for the game, creating demand for Star Giants and for a possible sequel.