When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel. The game has 11 chapters totalling at 490,000+ words, has 60+ gorgeous collectible illustrations, resulting in a total of 80 hours of gameplay across all possible routes.

You are a renowned Hunter, a creature slayer who has been called to the quiet, strange little town of Lunaris to assist the local Enforcers with an investigation into a series of unsettling and unexplained supernatural murders. Immerse yourself in the world of witches, vampires, demons, and lycans as you slowly unravel the dark mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of?

You might even fall in forbidden love along the way...

Release date is subject to change.

- 6 individual romance routes
- 2 polyamorous romance routes
- Player chooses their own pronouns
- No gender-restrictive romances
- Play without romancing anyone
- LGBTQA+ cast
- Unlockable CGs with every chapter
- A wide and varied range of dialogue options in every chapter that help you choose your path and mold the story
- Your choices matter from the start
- 3 possible endings per romance
- 2 additional post-game mini-stories

We have six unique individual romances and two polyamorous romances (Finn & Ezra and Omen & Alkar). August is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Our story is linear, so once a romance is selected, you will still interact with all of our other cast members.