Ever since Stars were returned to the sky, the King has been the people's favourite.

Each day, his Fans get more and more enthusiastic in their requests.

"I'd like more things to be rolled up!"

"I want that to be rolled up too!"

"Do something with this!"

You see, in the previous episode the King formed Stars, but only enough to go around the Earth and not enough for the entire solar system. If you're the King of the Cosmos, that's a matter of grave concern. So, following the King's orders, the Prince, well...he's gone into a katamari-rolling frenzy as a way to thank the Fans and restore the neglected parts of the solar system. Godspeed, O Prince, and may your quest be a worthy one....


In We ♥ Katamari, players must fulfil Fans' requests and roll up all manner of clutter from a variety of everyday locations around Earth. With hundreds of object types to collect, the Prince's katamari-rolling knows no limits. From London buses to the Taj Mahal, and pigeons to policemen, nothing and nobody are safe from the Prince and his ever-expanding clump. We ♥ Katamari is wrapped up in a unique graphical style with an inimitable soundtrack featuring some of Japan's most loved artists. You'll be humming "ka-ta-ma-ri-da-ma-shi-i" in your home, your car and even your boardroom!

With over 40 Fan requests to complete, a brand-new 2 player Co-operative Mode and the chance to roll up your friends in Battle Mode, We ♥ Katamari will have you smiling and singing for hours. Never has surreal seemed so normal.