• Advanced A.I. Generals, with their own personalities, strategies & histories, who probe your defenses and find weaknesses unlike any other strategy game!
  • Revolutionary Valhalla mode - Select an army without building resources. Units respawn when killed for frantic online gameplay.
  • Skirmish mode offering Infinite Play, including Capture the Flag, over 70 AI Generals and the ability to customise your opponent. Battle online with your friends and AI Generals combined!
  • Amazing campaign mode! Battle your way through 22 missions offering over 40 hours of single player gaming.
  • Terrain that matters! Strategically exploit, using real military tactics to gain advantage over your opponents.
  • Evolving game path. All players start equal. Choose the path of Imperial Knights, the Pagan demons, or the Renaissance scientists.
  • A supreme range of combat weapons, with 70 different unit types. Select from cavalry, rocket launchers, catapults, spies, war elephants, arch druids, elementals, golems, summoned beings and many more!