Warfare 1944 is a community developed game similar to Red Orchestra, Forgotten Hope, and Battlefield 1942. Our objective is to revive many elements of older games that we miss in modern shooters, and to simply build a game that our own personal community can enjoy.

The first versions of Warfare 1944 will cover basic infantry combat, with tactical objectives and modes that encourage teamwork and coordination. Future versions of Warfare 1944 will include new factions, theaters of war, modes, and mechanics.What can you do in Warfare 1944?
  • Lead an infantry squad
  • Capture a town
  • Charge the beaches of Normandy
What does Warfare 1944 play like?
  • Shoots like Battlefield
  • Plays like Red Orchestra
  • Feels like Forgotten Hope
What are your plans for Warfare 1944?
  • As many simultaneous players as possible
  • A wide variety of equipment and vehicles
  • High levels of team coordination and cohesion

We hope you enjoy Warfare 1944