War War is a 4-player multiplayer real-time / turn-based strategy game intended to be played with friends locally or across the internet. Build small armies by placing your pieces on the board in the turn-based "campaign" mode. Invade other armies to enter real-time strategy "skirmish" battles where up to two units can be controlled at once with the dual-analog stick on your compatible game controller! (keyboard controls are also supported).

Each unit type has unique abilities such as machine gunner soldier infantries, cannonball-launching tanks, and missile-firing drones. Armies can be combined on the strategy map to build even stronger forces. Random mystery spaces add a party-like element to the game and can drastically change the tides of a war campaign. When playing with 3 or 4 players, "ridiculous" barn animals can be controlled to get in the way and disrupt skirmish battles between the two battling players. Battle across 4 different terrain types and 3 unique strategy campaign maps.