Wanderlust: Bangkok Prelude is an introduction to "The Essential Gap Year", a playable memoir from the Wanderlust: Travel Stories anthology. See the many faces of Bangkok in a new game from the makers of The Witcher, co-created with real-life adventurers.A bridge between literature and gamingWanderlust: Bangkok Prelude is a book that you shape. If you’re seeking something a little bit different it is for you—and if you can read this, you have all you need to get started.Authentic, grounded and well researchedInspired by true stories and set in real places. Travel to the bustling streets of Bangkok. Dive into tales created by passionate travelers and experienced reporters, see the world they saw throughout their journeys.Emotions color perceptionYour choices shape the characters’ mood. This, in turn, changes how you see the world. All emotions are valid: happiness or enthusiasm aren’t everything, feeling sad or fatigued is perfectly natural.MinimalismTasteful aesthetic, bespoke photography, and immersive soundscapes set the tone. Just enough to stir your own memories or feed the imagination.