AboutWaifu Breaker is a casual arcade game that can be played with one-hand. It has a unique bullet hell-like gameplay accompanied by anime girl voices and techno music. There are 10 levels and an endless mode. As levels get harder girls get sexier.Gameplay
Level Mode
You need to collect hearts and stay inside circles for a period of time while trying to avoid red balls hitting you. When you break a circle the part of the girl behind that circle will be uncovered. You need to break all the circles then finish the job. You will have your special powers to help you.

Endless Mode
In this mode, you need to stay alive while collecting hearts. If you last long enough you will be rewarded with new special power and the sexiest waifu of the game.Key Features
  • Can be played one-handed
  • 11 waifus to break
  • Seductive anime-girl voice over with different options
  • 8 different techno sound-track
  • Smooth movement mechanics and exciting bullet-hell experience
  • Endless mode