Wacky Cartoon Racers! Play with a wide variety of insane and cute cartoon characters in a racing event for the Grand Prize of all Cartoon Land.
Run, jump, avoid traps and use items as you race to the finish!Choose from a zany collection of characters (and buy more with Wacky Points - NOT REAL MONEY!)

  • Miss Bunni- A fun-loving bunny
  • Avril - A skateboarding girl, who loves to skate
  • Sir Rocky - A knightly squirrel who will defend his title
  • Skelly - A skeleton warrior ready to rock n' roll with his bone legs
Wacky Weapons!
  • Banana Peel - Make your enemies slip on this! hehe!
  • Fireball - Show 'em whos boss with this weapon
  • Jump Boots - Lets you jump super high
  • Plus many more zany weapons to choose from