In Vultures the gamer lives the hard gladiator life: in different arenas and with classical or modern/futuristic weapons at his disposal the gladiator has to defeat his enemies in a duel in order to survive. The aim is to win to become undefeated champion of the Vultures.


  • Event-filled Beat 'Em Up game!

  • Action-packed gladiator fights in a fascinating end-of-the-world scenario.

  • Exceptional 3D graphics.

  • Realistic character animations thanks to modern motion capturing.

  • Cinematic camera system changes the camera angles in motion picture style.

  • More than 16 different gladiators with individual fighting styles.

  • Dozens of different weapons: From a simple dagger to huge swords to the mighty war mace.

  • Large selection of different armor types Hit zones enable exact targeting.

  • 25 different 3D arenas full of deadly traps.

  • Action-packed multiplayer mode for up to 2 players in Cooperative Mode or Deathmatch, or in the exciting Story Mode.