Legend of the world Phantor VR King of Battle Cards - a card game in the style of Fantasy. The evil and cruel King Revelant captured this world. Take part in the battles for the liberation of the land, as part of the Union of Kings. Gather your army, learn the intricacies of using combat cards, increase the level of troops and defeat Revelant in an epic battle, bringing peace to the lands of Phantor. Experiment with a card and collect the battle deck that is right for you. In each card, the Archmage Nyriton enclosed the spirit of a warrior or magic with its own characteristics, by knowing which you can improve their strengths or weaknesses. Before you fight in the battle with Revelant, you must defeat his no less powerful allies, capturing their souls and enclosing them in cards. At the same time, Revelant’s allies are not idle and can challenge you to battle at any time using the “Black Mark” in an attempt to ruin your castle ...
The full version of the Legends of the world Phantor you will find in the book "History" on the main table in his castle in the game. The mechanics of the game In the game, you appear in the throne room of your castle, in which, moving between tables, you can set up your battle deck, buy new cards and improve existing cards for coins received from victory in battles.
In battle, you appear on the tower of your castle. Pick up cards and throw them on the battlefield. At the place where the map falls, a warrior appears who will go to attack the enemy tower or the nearest enemy. From the power of the throw depends range of flight the card. The further the warrior appears from the card, the longer the resuscitator will fly to revive him.
When approaching enemy warriors you can shoot them from a bow, causing damage. Besides you, your side towers of the Princess shoot at enemy warriors.
To win the battle, you must destroy the central tower of the enemy. Your warriors will begin to attack it only after the destruction of the side towers. If the battle time is up, and the score is equal, you are given extra time with accelerated energy production from the card resuscitator, at the end of which you need to destroy the enemy’s towers. If time ends, and the score is equal, the defeat is counted to the one who has less than the total health of the towers. The development of the game
  • adding new cards;
  • adding historical battles with the allies of Revelant;
  • game optimization;
  • add multiplayer;
  • improving the quality of the game;
  • adding customization of the castle and character;
  • work on game reviews and bugs.