In the year 1878, the mysterious Dr. Morhead built a laboratory on the remote Soreo Isle and resumed his experiments... Violating the very foundations of nature, his work was aimed at the creation of a new form of living being - animals that look, feel and behave more like humans.

Many years of hard labor were spent in hopes of bringing his desire into reality, the creation of a new type of clean and perfect community. He achieved remarkable results in giving animals a human look, but there was one thing he did not take into account: Animals are born as the children of nature, so their suffering bodies retained wild souls. The creatures' true nature could not be concealed forever, and the day came when Dr. Morhead fell prey to his own creations. "The Temple of Rebirth" burned to the ground.

Years later, this island was visited by the H. M. S. Spider and a party of sailors went ashore...and first found nothing save some small, indigenous wildlife...until they met the real inhabitants of Soreo Isle. The mysterious world of Vivisector consists of a more than sixteen huge levels, logically put together to form an integral island. Players will have to struggle and fight their way through lush tropical jungles, deep woods and snowy mountains.


  • AtmosFear engine that combines state of the art rendering technologies for both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • A deep and frightening interactive storyline.

  • Character development system.

  • Bizarre never-before-seen enemies, ModBeasts and Humanimals, each with unique abilities, tactics and firepower.