This first handheld trip to Piñata Island in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is a fully-fledged VP experience tailored to the strengths of the format. The irresistible garden-designing, Piñata-raising structure remains intact, but menus and navigation have been overhauled to suit the touch-screen interface and provide quick, fluid control over your garden and all its residents.

The in-game Journal and Encyclopedia receive upgrades of their own, while new additions have also been made to the gardener's toolset - and of course the all-important Piñata cast list, which now includes cheeky appearances by some of the new exotic beasts to be found in the Xbox 360's Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

Different modes of gameplay are also part of the package. In addition to the main flow of the game, 12 separate Episodes (presented by familiar faces from the TV series) will help players get to grips with basic and advanced game features; meanwhile, Playground mode is more of a sandbox for experimentation, offering quick access to higher-level Piñatas and garden features without first having to make them available for residence and romancing in your main garden.

Communication and trading haven't been forgotten either. Local DS wireless connectivity gives Piñata raisers the opportunity to show off their rarest, most expensive or most outrageously accessorised critters to friends. And the whole deal arrives on a chunky 128MByte game cart with multiple save slots, full Rumble Pak support and a complementary garnish of clips from the TV show.