Virtual Presenter Pro is a VR game designed to make you a better public speaker without leaving your home.

You develop your presentation skills by practicing in a variety of environments, where your speech is monitored and assessed, giving you personalized feedback. Choose from three random topics to challenge your ability to think on your feet or recite a pre-written speech. By measuring several metrics, the analysis of your speech will let you know where you excel, and where there’s room for improvement.

Honing your skills and letting you get more comfortable with being the center of attention are the reason this program was built. With settings ranging from a university lecture hall to a corporate board room, you can practice your speech or presentation in an immersive environment where you’re free to make mistakes without judgement.

Key Features:
*In-depth analysis of your speech with ~10 different metrics being measured at all times.
*Responsive audience
*Four different environments that recreate places where you’re likely to be giving a speech or presentation in full VR
*… and much more to come