Players can now take the addictive, fast-paced action of Virtua Tennis with them wherever they go. The PSP portable entertainment system version of this critically acclaimed game tightens up the series' already superb gameplay and treats fans to a new set of inventive mini-games. Fun alone or with friends, this is the ideal sports franchise for the handheld arena.

An impressive roster of licensed world stars bring realism and authority to this accessible, arcade-style game. Players can take any of these pro athletes through two core gameplay modes: Exhibition and Tournament. Exhibition mode lets players jump straight into the action with their favorite player, while Tournament mode challenges gamers with five pre-set singles stages and three pre-set doubles stages.

Once a player has prepped with the pros, they'll feel ready to tackle World Tour mode. This mode allows players to create a custom tennis star, train them through a range of fun mini-games, up their stats, and then build their rank in a lengthy series of tournaments. Both custom and pro stars can then be used with the game's Wi-Fi feature, which lets up to 16 friends challenge each other in rousing singles and doubles matches.


  • 14 internationally ranked tennis pros. Challenge your favorite tennis all-stars or play as them.

  • Play around the world on hard, clay, and grass courts.

  • Multiplayer Wi-Fi function. Competition with other PSP system owners for up to 16 players.

  • Three different play modes: World Tour, Exhibition and Tournament.

  • Create your own player. Customize your character with the virtual cash you win in tournaments.