Vergjorn is a citybuilding strategy game. You build your city, build boats, equip your people with weapons and set sail to conquer foreign lands. Vergjorn has two main focuses, citybuilding to grow your might and strategy for outsmarting the defenses of enemies.

In the city you have a plethora of different buildings to choose from. Do you need somewhere to store your food? Build a granary based on the historical stabbur.
Are your fists not enough to conquer your enemies? Build a blacksmith and forge weapons enhanced with the power of the norse gods.
Is your population annoyed with sharing the same two beds? Build an epic longhouse, fitting for entertainment and wild parties.

Getting claustrophobic in your village? Set sail westward in your newly built longship, say hello to the monks in Lindisfarne, pay tribute to the king of York and dance with the people of Constantinople.