In VECTORLORD you play as the titular hero as you dodge & weave through the kaleidoscopic immune system of the evil INFECTOPHAGE --- an intergalactic virus siphoning precious DELTAs from the homeworld of your benefactors. They are scared to release you, but you will prove their fears to be pointless as you KICK, SHOOT, DODGE, PUNCH and WARP through the innards of the evil interloper.

An absolutely unique forced-progression twin-stick silky-smooth bullet hell shoot-em-and-beat-em-up with never-before-seen platform-based movement mechanics and a dusting of rogue-lite elements.

  • TOTEM-WARP, DASH, DODGE, KICK and VOID-SWIM your way through 20+ levels on your mission to defeat the INFECTOPHAGE

  • Combine weapon spheres to form 20 unique weapons which you will use to fight back against the machine. Learn each weapon's strength and apply tactics.

  • Collect DELTAS to unlock your way through a non-linear world-map

  • Fight past dozens of Enemies, unique Bosses and Stage-Hazards

  • Upgrade your VECTORLORD with passive and active buffs

  • CORPSE RUNNING. And yes: it's [email protected]#$ing difficult!
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