Uphold The Realm is a tower defense game that leverages VR to provide a uniquely immersive experience. Take all of your standard tower defense tropes and mix in the ability to experience it all in First-Person. Take command of your wargames style campaign map to interact with levels and manage towers. When your ready - Shrink down onto the table and use your archery skills to defend against the oncoming hordes. Inspired by Sanctum and KingdomRush.

Key Features
  • Build and Upgrade your towers
  • Use your Archery skills to defend your base
  • Manage your towers from above and then Shrink down to attack the oncoming horde
  • Over 20 different monsters - Land & Flying
  • Diverse Campaign Map
  • 3 Upgrade paths for each tower.
  • Talent System - Customize your strategy
  • Level Ranking System
  • Multiple Difficulties
  • Inspired by Sanctum and KingdomRush.