Unreal II: The Awakening

Genres: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: ,
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Key Features:

  • Innovative Game Play - Unreal 2: The Awakening combines intense, pulse-pounding action with the magic of exploration and discovery and RPG-style character interaction.
  • Advanced Technology - Under the hood lies the latest Unreal technology from Epic - a hundred fold increase in level geometry and a ten fold increase in character detail. The advanced particle system creates the illusion of running water, blazing fire, drifting smoke, and advanced weather effects.
  • Knuckle-Whitening Enemy AI - Enemies use their new AI to find cover during fire-fights, work together in teams and react believably based on the caliber of weapon the player is carrying.
  • Devastating Arsenal - Fifteen flesh-chewing instruments of destruction are available, ranging from familiar alien-bashing favorites like the Rocket Launcher and Combat Assault Rifle to all new exotic alien variants like the Leech Gun and the hunter/seeker Takkra.
  • A Large Bestiary of Creatures - The fearsome Skaarj return along with 24 all-new enemies, each hell-bent on eradicating the player and his compadres.
  • Real Time Conversation System - Legend's groundbreaking dialogue system allows players to start and leave conversations, interrupt other characters, issue commands and respond to events. The system tracks the emotional state of characters so they react appropriately in a given situation.
  • Unreal Editor - Amateur level designers and mod makers will receive the same tools the experts used to make the game - the Unreal Editor - in every box.