UFO: Aftershock

Genres: Strategy
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After the alien invasion, the Council of Earth successfully fought against the Reticulans. During this time the Council came upon the startling discovery of a plan to cover the Earth with Biomass. Further investigation revealed this as a network of alien organic tissue that, the Reticulans hoped, would become conscious and endowed with immense psychic powers. The Reticulans who invaded the Earth are not true representatives of their kind, they are a breakaway faction that burned the bridges and chose this backwater part of space to conduct its experiments.

The Reticulans constructed a large satellite with a closed ecosystem, and it is to this construction they relocated the remnants of human population. The experiment with the Biomass proceeded on the surface of the Earth. Then something horrific occurred, and people are just beginning to piece together what has really happened...

Your campaign in UFO: Aftershock will revolve around research, resources and territory. You must win missions to gain influence, and this influence will secure you territories. Territories will yield resources, resources fuel research and manufacturing which reward you with greater power, increased missions and more challenging gameplay!

Missions include:

Acquiring special artefacts.

Gaining new territory & securing new bases in the geosphere.

Protecting established territory from enemy incursion.

Re-establishing factories & other routes.

Discovering & accumulating resources.

Scouting enemies.


  • Strong storyline woven within varied and inter-linked varied missions.

  • Improved SAS and RPG character systems.

  • Destroyable 3D environment encourages innovative gameplay.

  • Resource and base management.

  • Global strategy - tactical missions and strategic gaming across the globe.

  • Advanced technologies and items to be researched and developed.

  • New characters, enemies and allies add to that unique UFO: atmosphere.