UFO: Aftermath is a combination of small squad tactical combat and global strategy where the player will pit their wits against an alien invasion. You will need to use all your skills and abilities to defend Earth from its destruction.

You will fight against many kinds of mutants and aliens, research new technologies, and develop incredible weapons and devices, which will help you in your war against uninvited terrestrial visitors.


  • Simultaneous combat system - a natural blend of real time and turn based action.

  • RPG elements - each soldier's ability increases with each successful mission.

  • Region dependent graphics - the style of buildings, the type of flora will vary depending on what areas of the Earth the player is fighting on.

  • Destructible environments.

  • Resource management - research new technologies, weapons and fight against the biomass.

  • Bulletproof (ballistic permeability)- each object or amour used in the game will affect the damaged inflicted by weapons.

  • Directors cut - a replay mode where the player can review the most exciting moments of a mission through a special movie-like camera.

  • Advanced AI - the enemy will interact with the environments and react realistically to attacks.

  • Save the Earth. With a small group of survivors fight against an unknown danger from space in this tactical strategy game set in the not too distant future.