TYPICAL RUSSIAN QUARANTINE is the story of an ordinary guy named Petya. When the holidays were announced in Russia, he honestly stayed at home, but one day he had to go out for buckwheat and he met people on his way who were frying kebabs...

Throwing aside the skewers, they rushed at Petya, but it's good that he has a weapon with him. Petya as a true Russian man-does not give up. He started a desperate battle against barbecue lovers.

In this game, you have to defend yourself against waves of barbecue lovers, earning money from each killed enemy, which you can spend on buying new weapons or improving the old one. In addition to pumping weapons, it is possible to improve the running speed of the character.List of key features:
  • Eye-pleasing voxel graphics;
    [ * ] Interesting battle mechanics and character leveling;
    [ * ] A large number of weapons
  • A variety of opponents