For the first time in a video game, you get to manage and develop your own television channel!

There are four television channels sharing the local city network and vying for a share of the viewing figures. As the big boss of the channel you have to win the special prize, awarded every four years, for bringing in the largest audience and highest satisfaction ratings.


  • 30 different communities, all potential targets with their own centres of interest. Sound out people in the street or in their homes, whenever you want, to gauge their opinions.

  • 4 rival channels ready to try anything to win over viewers.

  • A realistic viewing figure system and a simple, comprehensive analysis tool.

  • 10 buildings accessible around the whole town (program store, advertising agency, bank, etc) plus a vast 3D city.

  • 20 highly detailed rooms (control room, studio, archives, etc).

  • A kit for creating innovative and simple programs.

  • Intuitive tools for managing, planning and producing programs.