Tuneria is a music-focused RPG inspired by games such as Golden Sun, Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, and To the Moon. Bring your guitar and explore the country of Tuneria, a place where all music has been banned by the evil organization CODA. Join other Songsmiths and use your guitar in battle by playing powerful Tunes, or use those same tunes in the environment to discover hidden secrets!

- Use your keyboard to hold frets and pick your guitar strings! (3 difficulty levels, including an auto-play mode. Can you master the full 10-note tunes?)

- 25+ Legendary (and beyond) items to find!

- Dozens of unique puzzles to solve!

- More than 8 hours of gameplay!

- Completely original soundtrack composed by Chaotrope.

Meet the other residents of Tuneria, build your party, and make music free again!