A unique puzzle and curio... a huge mad contraption to ponder over, made of upcycled things. Postimperial upcyclepunk. Work levers, pull cords, rotate wheels... observe the effects and deliberate, and gradually fathom its workings. Work-out how to work small parts of the bigger contraption and eventually, perhaps one day, figure-out how to use it all together to bake a loaf of bread.

A tricky puzzle for sure, but don't panic, relax. TraptionBakery is intended to amuse, baffle, perplex and interest you for weeks.
You don't have to do it all in one go... half an hour here, 10 minutes there...have a ponder and come back to it, sleep on it maybe.
And don't feel you have to be in puzzle solving mode all the time: this is a curio too, every now and then just zoom-in, zone-out, look around and marvel at all the crazy things.

TraptionBakery can be played full screen, or in a smaller window.