Your homeland is under attack! Travel far and wide, navigating beautiful maps and upgrading your traps and character until you can defeat even the mightiest of waves. Trapmania is a tactical action-defense game full of strategic warfare and suspense. with old-school retro graphics and an original soundtrack, this game will have you leaning forward in your seat as you furiously defend your precious light sources on each map. Don't forget to spend your winnings in the shop! Gear up your favorite avatar and prepare for battle!


  • 12 unique maps
  • 3 game-modes
  • 36 global upgrades
  • customizable layouts
  • original soundtrack
  • statistics display
  • 12+ hours of gameplay

Hey guys and gals, this is Waide! Trapmania is my first full-length game ever released. I am super excited to share it with you all, enjoy!