This is the year 1850. It's an age of radical change and new departures. The era of mass production and mass transportation has just begun. The resourceful entrepreneur has plenty of opportunities. It's a time to build empires with just a little capital and a clever business idea.

New manufacturing plants are springing up everywhere. The world craves goods of every kind. Towns are growing at a breathtaking rate. But how to get the goods to the customers? How can workers get to the plants? Who will haul the vast amounts of raw materials?

The time is ripe for a big and powerful haulage firm. Industry transportation in particular is getting out of hand and conventional methods just can't cope anymore. Invest your little starting capital wisely, buy modern vehicles, and slowly build up a growing enterprise.

Present yourself in a favourable light to your customers, and oust your opponents from the market. You'll need all your know-how and your skills to survive two centuries of changing economic tides and changing demands.

The world is your oyster - grab your chances!


  • An economic simulation of complex, yet easily understandable goods and passenger transportation systems.

  • Create the expansion of existing transport routes including their infrastructure (goods and passenger transport).

  • Over 130 vehicles from the last 200 years, including horse and carts, steam trains, trucks, mono rails, ships, airplanes and helicopters.

  • Over 60 different products and industries to transport, influenced by alternating economic situations.

  • Over 500 individual buildings, functional additional buildings for terminals, expansible company main offices and even expansible train stations with up to 64 tracks.

  • Two varying scenarios - USA and Europe with numerous endless-maps, including 'Sand Box' mode for limitless play.

  • Individually customizable vehicles, extremely long trains with up to 64 wagons, together with a sophisticated control and guidance system.

  • Different seasons and realistic scenes reflect the different countries.