Transcender: A Beginning is a brief interactive experience that takes place in a surreal sci-fi setting. Figuring out how to play and what to do is the main attraction of the experience. A single playthrough can last between 10 to 30 minutes but it takes multiple playthroughs to discover everything the game has to offer. It also features artwork by BrokeBot that you can collect and view in a gallery.Who would enjoy this?Are you the type of person who has spent a lifetime playing many different types of games? Do you love playing games or watching movies without knowing what to expect? Do you like experimental games or nongames? Do you love short games? If so, then this might be for you.Free for a limited time?Yes, I just want people to play my game. Once I feel like there's an audience who enjoys it AND I feel there are no game breaking bugs AND I'm progressing well on episode two, then it will no longer be free.Episode 2: The RoomIt'll be ready when it's ready. The only expectations should be 'another 20-30 minutes of 'interesting' gameplay set in the Transcender universe. I also aim to have your 'decisions' from episode one carry forward and make an impact in episode two. (if I can figure it out)