The wide variety of highly interactive mini-games that made Midway's TouchMaster a favorite in bars and arcades across the country returns again with TouchMaster 2 for the Nintendo DS. With 20 new games, including exciting twists on some familiar classics, with new spins on Mahki, Poker and Solitaire, TouchMaster 2 offers addictive fun for gamers of all ages. TouchMaster 2's new collection includes extremely fun and exciting card, action, strategy, puzzle and picture games. Play a quick round to beat your high-score or find some real competition playing head-to-head against other players. TouchMaster 2, the personal arcade that fits snug in the palm of your hands!


  • Five Game Categories

    Select from Cards, Action, Strategy, Picture and Puzzle.

  • Download Play

    Beam your favorite Touchmaster 2 game to friends for instant battles on the Nintendo DS.

  • Multiplayer

    Play with friends using local wireless Ad-Hoc play or by passing the Nintendo DS around.

  • New Reward System

    Build up your Wizard Points and obtain all 60 platinum trophies to become the ultimate Touchmaster!