Tortuga - Pirates Revenge narrates the adventurous story of Aurelius, a former slave. A swashbuckler and a treasure hunter, Aurelius leads his ship through the unknown waters around the islands in the Caribbean.

"They called him 'Boy' or 'Slave'. They beat him with whips, they abducted his people, and they murdered his family. When the ageing pirate captain Diego unshackles him the tide turns: Aurelius, the black pirate captain, is now hunting down his former tormentors."

Tactical battles at sea and skill-based sword fights dominate the action segment. The extensive adventure features many main and side quests. Additionally, over 35 opening, interim and concluding sequences lead you through the game world.

"When Aurelius loots a rare artifact purely by coincidence, the story begins to unfold. The artifact, which is intended for the Spanish governor DeRojas, appears to be a clue towards the location of the legendry fleet of treasures."